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Thinking Differently About Buyer Personas And The Buying Process

Unlock Sales and Marketing Growth With Better Buyer Personas

Special guest and president of Buyer Persona Institute (BPI), Jim Kraus joined us to share how the organization has become the gold standard for marketers and sales professionals who want to better understand their buyers in order to sell to them more effectively.

During our conversation, Jim dropped a ton of useful nuggets including a glimpse at BPI’s 5 Rings of Buying Insight™. Watch the replay to see how priority initiatives, success factors, perceived barriers, decision criteria, and the buyer’s journey are all important in building effective buyer personas for any B2B company.

Recap Points

  • There’s a big difference between who your buyer is and how your buyer purchases.
  • Building an effective buyer persona takes a special investigative skill set and a genuine sense of curiosity about the challenges prospects face.
  • Effective buyer personas help sales teams shorten the sales cycle and help marketing generate better-qualified leads with messaging that better resonates.

Books or Resources

Buyer Personas - Adele Revella, Founder of Buyer Persona Institute

FULL EVENT Transcript

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