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Get a Better Grow-to-Market Strategy for 2024

Get Ahead of 2024 Planning Now

In a very special Business as “Un”usual livestream, Kathy Steele welcomed Red Caffeine Vice President of Client Services, Amy Anderson, Account Director, Christiana Henry, and Senior Content Marketing Manager, Bill Skowronski, to share their insights regarding long-term planning as companies look ahead to 2024. 

The Red Caffeine panelists shared eight guiding questions that companies can use to position themselves for growth.  From establishing what’s working and what’s changing in any given industry to addressing the best ways to understand and engage customers, the conversation covered a wide variety of topics. If you missed the livestream, watch the replay below.

Here's what we learned:

  • A solid Grow-to-Market plan challenges leaders to consider challenges and opportunities related to acquisition, market expansion, product launch, partnerships, technology, and talent strategy. 
  • Market research and customer insights significantly increase the likelihood that any company will reach its target audience. 
  • A wide range of stakeholders from various departments should be involved in the annual planning process.

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