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Plan Your Trade Show Events the Right Way From the Start

Plan Strategically and Get More out of 2024 Trade Shows

In case you missed our November Business as “Un”usual livestream, we talked to Kevin Fett (Ion Exhibits) and Glen Ruggiero (On Location) about how companies can get the most out of their 2024 trade show events.

Kevin and Glen both stressed the importance of planning as much as six months in advance in order to expect the unexpected and create a low-stress environment for lead generation, customer engagement, and brand awareness once the exhibition doors open. 

They also pointed to well-planned promotion in advance and a commitment to post-event follow-up as two factors that often determine an event’s success. Whether your company owns a 40’ x 40’ space at the entrance of the venue or a 10’ x 10’ booth in the corner, our guests highlighted several ways to make your trade show booth stand out, by integrating technology and innovation, creating a memorable experience, or simply engaging people in the right way.

Check out the replay and contact us directly with any questions related to effective trade show planning in 2024.

Recap Points 

  • Allow for the time everyone involved needs to execute a successful show. That may require four to twelve months.
  • Every venue has its own rules and regulations to be aware of, so it’s important to partner with the right partners.
  • When considering your trade show booth, think of it like a billboard: Focus on who you are, what you do, and what problem you can solve for customers.  
  • Success is just as much about the people working behind the booth engaging passers-by with the right questions. 
  • Many companies rent exhibits rather than redesigning and rebuilding them every couple years.

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