There are Nine Growth Lanes an organization can take to scale. This webinar highlighted how it is possible to focus on your business's growth while strengthening your professional development by aligning yourself with one or more of these Growth Lanes.

Webinar Highlights: 

Each of our panelists shared how associating themselves with a growth lane enabled them to advance their careers and leadership skills. 

Loretta Boutot:
Chief Financial Officer; Scot Forge Company

Loretta explained how two specific attributes helped her combine personal and professional growth: 

Taking risks and exuding patience can easily catch the eyes of those within the company who may look to advance you into other roles or opportunities that will continue to enhance your professional growth.

Latoya Conners Gray:
North American Director of Pricing, Technology, and Operations, W.W. Grainger

During this webinar, Latoya stressed the importance of prioritizing work and doing more with less. Be selective to what you say “yes” to, and be intentional in your choices. Hardships can be used as the foundation to discover your business strengths, dig deep, and plow forward.  

Latoya applied these final thoughts to her respective growth lanes to get the audience thinking about ways to continue to grow as members of an organization:

Mary Ellen Grom:
Executive Director, Customer Experience Solutions, AFL

Mary Ellen focused on two elements within her story that were representative of her Growth Lanes: 

Mary Ellen also shared a few points that can help you grow professionally:

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