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David Karbin

Vice President
Lexco Cable Manufacturing

Join us for a BaU Livestream event on March 21, 2024, as we explore the importance of branding for mid-market businesses. Learn about the critical elements of branding, including awareness, trust, and credibility. David Karbin from Lexco Cable Manufacturing will share practical insights on how his investment in online brand-building drove more site traffic and increased revenues. We'll also explore how Lexco's recent internal branding efforts have not only enhanced customer experience but also positively affected the team.

Session Takeaways

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how holistic branding strategies drive business growth, drawing from Lexco's successful branding journey.
  • Learn about how investing in SEO and Content can impact the growth of your online brand.
  • Discover how investing in your brand can significantly enhance market presence, customer loyalty, employee experiences, and revenue.
David Karbin

Get To Know David Karbin:

David Karbin is the VP and third-generation leader of Lexco Cable Manufacturing, guiding the family business with a blend of tradition and innovation. Since stepping into his role in 2006, David has been deeply involved in all facets of the company, from marketing to operations, embodying a commitment to excellence that's been the hallmark of Lexco since its founding by his grandfather, Harold Karbin. Under his leadership, Lexco has become a key player in the mechanical assembly and wire rope industry, known for its high-quality products, swift turnarounds, and exceptional customer service. With a vision for sustained growth, David is dedicated to advancing Lexco's legacy, hoping to pass on a thriving enterprise to future generations.


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