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Acquiring Success:
M&A Strategies for
Forward-Thinking Leaders

Remo Picchietti

Boler Company
Vice President of
Strategy and Corporate Development

Amy Anderson

Red Caffeine
Vice President of
Client Services

Join industry veterans Kathy Steele, CEO at Red Caffeine, and guests Remo Picchietti, Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at the Boler Company, and Amy Anderson, Vice President of Client Services at Red Caffeine, for a detailed session on business growth through acquisitions in our upcoming Business as “Un”usual Livestream. This event is tailored for C-suite leaders, CEOs, and founders to provide crucial insights into using acquisitions for business expansion. You'll hear firsthand experiences and practical strategies for acquisition planning, navigating complex business considerations, and what you should be prepared for before and after the transaction is completed.

Whether you're refining your existing acquisition strategy or exploring new expansion avenues, this session will equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to consider this growth lane effectively.

Session Takeaways

  • We'll define various M&A options, like Private Equity (PE) firms, Venture Capital (VC) firms, Strategic Buyers, Family Offices, and Strategic Alliances, each with unique characteristics and approaches
  • We will explore the complexity of relinquishing equity or selling a business—ranging from unlocking growth opportunities to navigating potential pitfalls that could impact a company's long-term legacy
  • We will talk through strategies for safeguarding long-term growth throughout the acquisition process, from pre-deal evaluations
    to post-merger integration
  • Learn more about the strategic importance of brand and product architecture in driving post-acquisition success
Remo Picchietti

Get To Know Remo Picchietti:

Remo Picchietti is a global business leader and educator with a record of building enterprise value through strategic manufacturing improvements, organic growth, and corporate development (M&A). He currently leads the strategy and corporate development efforts for The Boler Company, a family enterprise with diversified holdings around the globe. Remo was the owner and CEO of Hong Kong-based WLG Logistics (now Tigers Logistics, part of Italy-based JAS) and has extensive experience in China, India, Southeast Asia, and Europe, with sector expertise in manufacturing and logistics/supply chain. Earlier in his career, he was the third-generation owner of a manufacturing business, which he sold to Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC).

Remo serves as an outside (non-family) director (and Chairman of the Board) at family companies Carl Buddig & Company, a fourth-generation food manufacturer, and recently served at Wesco, a third-generation operator of convenience stores to which it provides 24/7 delivery of food and other goods from its integrated food manufacturing and warehouse network. Also, for more than two decades, Remo had taught undergraduate and graduate-level business courses at Chicago area colleges and universities, twice earning Faculty-of-the-Year accolades. He holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a BS from Drake University.

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Amy Anderson

Get To Know Amy Anderson:

Amy Anderson is the Vice President of Client Services at Red Caffeine, where her leadership drives the mission to deliver exceptional client experiences. With over twenty years in client services and seven years in agency leadership, Amy's approach combines a results-driven mentality with a creative problem-solving capability. She applies her extensive marketing experience to a variety of challenges, from developing lead generation campaigns to re-architecting brands, ensuring that each strategy is proactive and impactful. Amy's commitment to excellence is evident in her dual role of managing the Account Management department while personally handling client accounts. Her leadership qualities and dedication to client success have made her a respected panelist and speaker in the industry. She is also an active advisory board member for the Northern Illinois Digital Marketing MBA Program and an Effie Award winner. Outside of work, Amy enjoys reading, hiking through state parks, gardening alongside her husband, and supporting her two children, Audrey and Tyler, in their various activities.


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