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Navigating the Future:
Mastering Succession Planning and
Business Strategy

Ed Barone

Wealth Manager,
Evergreen Wealth Solutions

What to expect:

Red Caffeine, in collaboration with Evergreen Wealth Solutions, invites you to our exclusive livestream event, designed specifically for CEOs and C-suite executives of mid-market organizations. This is your opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the art of succession planning and the intricacies of business strategies that ensure a smooth transition and sustainable growth.

Join Kathy Steele, CEO of Red Caffeine, and Ed Barone, Wealth Manager at Evergreen Wealth Solutions, as they delve into the critical aspects of creating a transferable business. Their combined expertise will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of both the financial and mental readiness required for a successful transition.

This interactive session will outline a six-step process to prepare your business for the future. The presentation will be enriched with visuals and real-life examples, making complex concepts easily understandable and relatable.

Whether you're planning to pass on the leadership baton within your family or considering selling your business, we will cover a range of topics tailored to your needs. From emotional preparedness in leadership transitions to post-transaction life planning, we've got it all covered.

Session Takeaways

  • Succession Planning Mastery: Learn the essential steps for effective succession planning and business strategy development, crucial for mid-market organization leaders.
  • Emotional and Financial Readiness: Understand the importance of being mentally and emotionally prepared for business transitions, with insights on post-transaction life planning.
  • Creating a Transferable Business: Discover key strategies for business growth, value enhancement, and risk reduction to make your business more attractive for future transitions.

Help Small Business And Get Lunch On Us!

We love supporting small businesses because we are one! During each livestream, the first five registrants will get free lunch delivered from a local restaurant in their neighborhood.

How cool is that? Show your favorite food spot some love – register now!

Some Of The Restaurants We've Supported:

Ed Barone

Get To Know Ed Barone:

Ed Barone joined Evergreen Wealth Solutions’ ensemble in 2018.  Ed is a seasoned Wealth Manager with over 22 years’ experience.  For the last 12 years, Ed has focused on Business Exit Planning for privately held businesses and Institutional Asset Management.  In October 2023, Ed earned the distinguished award "Excellence in Exit Planning" by the International Exit Planning Association.  Ed leads an ensemble of experts in planning, investment management, and developing customized exit strategies for privately held businesses.  Ed’s team will lead and coordinate your Merger and Acquisition team through the exit of your business.

He previously held the position of Vice President, Senior Client Advisor for Wilmington Trust, where he led a team of wealth professionals who, as fiduciaries, provided Wealth Management and Business Exit Planning for privately held business owners, as well as institutional asset management.

Ed is an Alumnus of Pennsylvania College of Technology, where he obtained a Culinary Arts Certificate and an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management.  Prior to changing careers in 2000, he worked in Washington DC for the Marriott Corporation and ARAMARK Corporation for 12 years as Executive Chef and Food Beverage Director managing $10+ million plus businesses.


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