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Are you selling products or providing a strategic partnership?

Beyond the Pitch:<br/>Aligning Sales Strategies<br/> with Customer Needs

Sales is a process. In order to level up your entire sales team, you have to know what your top performers are doing behind the scenes to be successful. According to veteran sales trainer, Tom Latourette, they’re likely focused on positioning themselves as strategic partners instead of order takers.

Red Caffeine CEO, Kathy Steele, sat down with Tom during our recent Business as “Un”usual livestream to discuss aligning sales strategies with customer needs. The conversation included the process involved in graduating from thinking like an order taker or a product seller to gaining the trust necessary to be seen as a solution provider or solution consultant, and ultimately earning the role of strategic partner.

Tom pointed to the importance of looking at the broader perspective regarding the goals of the organization and the trends in its industry, rather than focusing on product or service features and benefits. He and Kathy also discussed ways to think about problems through the eyes of the buyer, which helps identify potential positive and negative outcomes.

For more on aligning your sales strategies with your customer’s needs, watch the BaU livestream now. To drive more above the line conversations with business leaders in the C-suite, contact Red Caffeine today. 

Livestream Highlights

  • The higher you go in an organization, the more likely it is that decision makers have been thinking about and planning for their needs for six to 12, even 18 months or more.
  • To become strategic partners, salespeople have to ask different questions about a company’s growth objectives and challenges, as well as the potential outcomes–good and bad.
  • Sales professionals have an opportunity to improve their company’s marketing and advertising strategies by sharing the insights they gather from prospects.

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