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Your Employer Brand Is More Valuable Than You Think. Here’s How To Strengthen It.

How to be a Best and <br/>Brightest Company

Every company understands the importance of selling its own products and services. But, far fewer companies connect the dots between how they communicate with their customers and how they communicate with their own employees.

Red Caffeine CEO, Kathy Steele, led a valuable conversation with NABR President, Jennifer Kluge and HR Source President and CEO, Mary Lynn Fayoumi, about the impact of a company’s employer brand and how The Best & Brightest Companies program can help evaluate strengths and areas for improvement along the way to becoming an employer of choice.

Check out the Business as “Un”usual  livestream below and let us know how we can help you strengthen your brand for 2024.

Recap Points 

  • CEOs think they’re communicating well with their employees, but the data tells us employees don’t feel the same way. 
  • HR & Marketing teams are finding each other in order to improve the way employer brands are positioned and differentiated. 
  • There are ways to facilitate collaboration beyond requiring people to come into the office. So, be intentional about your expectations and purpose as you look for alternative solutions.

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