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What Do Today’s Workers Want And Can We Give It To Them?

How Companies Can Learn From The Great Resignation

The employee-employer relationship has changed–perhaps forever. Current research shared by our Business as ‘Un’usual guest, Mary Lynn Fayoumi, gives all business leaders a few important things to consider.

If you missed our webinar, you can catch the replay here.

Red Caffeine CEO, Kathy Steele, discussed a variety of topics related to recruiting and retention strategies, RTO (return to work) considerations, the legal implications involved in hiring remote employees and contractors from outside of your own state, and the realities of The Great Resignation and The Great Regret.

Webinar Highlights

  • Employees aren’t easily replaceable resources. They think of their relationship with their employer like other relationships in their lives. They want more than just a paycheck, so companies need to take a different approach to recruiting and getting to know their employees.
  • During the pandemic, most employees proved themselves to be hard-working and trustworthy, while maintaining or improving their performance from home. So, leaders in companies that want their employees to return to the office have to give them a compelling reason to come back.
  • Work-from-home flexibility may have broadened the talent pool for many companies, but that opportunity also comes with legal implications. In most cases, companies will have to set up a business presence in each state where they plan to employ people outside of the state in which they currently operate.
  • As the employer brand has become a critical part of talent recruitment and retention, so has strategic internal communications. For those reasons, Human Resources professionals need to be better connected to their Marketing department and company leaders, where strong writing and communication skill sets are typically found.

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