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Building a Sustainable Enterprise-Wide Moment-By-Moment, Person-By-Person Customer Engagement Strategy

Building a Sustainable Enterprise-Wide Moment-By-Moment, Person-By-Person Customer Engagement Strategy


“We do not remember days. We remember moments.” 
-Cesare Pavese

In case you missed it, we heard from Diane S. Hopkins, the founder, and CEO of ExPeers and the author of Unleashing The Chief Moment Officers and It’s Hard To Be Easy. Diane walked us through developing a sustainable exceptional experience strategy and provided some valuable insights on responding to customer and employee needs in the wake of the pandemic.

Approximately 75% of organizations’ customer experience initiatives fail. This is largely due to every customer having their unique view of what constitutes an exceptional experience. Initiatives are objective and rigid and difficult for employees to apply in a given moment. To provide exceptional customer experiences most of the time, organizations must transition to an “Instinct Culture.”

Here’s what we learned about crafting exceptional moment-by-moment, person-by-person experiences:   

  • Creating an “Instinct Culture” starts with business leaders and trickles down to involve everyone within an organization. It is critical to involve customer-facing employees through a process of co-creation.  
  • A key component of developing a sustainable experience strategy involves practicing “Extreme Listening” – a multidimensional form of listening that involves the eyes, ears, mind, heart, and attention. This means being fully present to a customer in a given moment, listening frequently, and responding to their needs.
  • Making things right means having the courage to take ownership, apologize, and acknowledge a customer’s feelings.
  • Businesses should reward their employees for handling moments in an exceptional way by investing in them as people and giving them the experience of being recognized.  
  • Transitioning to an Instinct Culture is a long-term process that can span many years. Businesses should start by focusing on the low-hanging fruit and build momentum off of their early wins.
  • As we emerge from COVID-19, business leaders need to understand the impact that the pandemic has had on both their workforce and customers. Businesses should develop a workforce wellbeing plan to meet employee needs and help them to provide exceptional service to their customers.
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