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From Sales Know-How To Marketing Wow!

From Sales Know-How To Marketing Wow!


After having a few Zoom difficulties at the start of our session today, one of our attendees put it best: “Tom is worth the wait”! We learned so much from Tom about how Anchor Harvey has pivoted their business and now surpassed their initial 2020 revenue goal by nearly 25%. Below are some key takeaways from our time together; how can you incorporate them into your business?


  • Crisis response is critical: contacting key customers first to determine their needs allows you to confirm material availability with your suppliers, ultimately keeping your staff working
  • Start today by planting seeds through your sales and marketing efforts; Anchor Harvey is now reaping the benefits from this choice 18 months ago 
  • Digital enhancements to your sales process like Leadfeeder enable your sales team to focus on truly qualified leads; the change is worth it!
  • When times are tight, evaluate the impact your marketing can have; remember that efforts today will pay dividends tomorrow
  • Hiring in today’s economy takes innovative ideas; Anchor Harvey has used billboards and yard signs as a creative approach - and it works!
  • Support your local community as a company if you are able; having your team united around a common goal can strengthen your culture
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