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Lessons in Badassery: Creative Recruitment and Retention

Lessons in Badassery: Creative Recruitment and Retention

In case you missed it, we covered a lot of ground on the shifting trends in recruitment and retention with Mary Lynn Fayoumi, President and CEO of HR Source. 

It seems no industry is safe from workforce challenges. But the companies that are seeing results have taken this opportunity to reassess what the organization needs from its employees and how it can be more aligned with the flexibility people are looking for. See how your business can turn this into a positive growth experience that can give you a real competitive advantage.

Here's what we learned:   

  • Get on board that the Great Resignation is more of a Great Realignment. People want to match their personal needs with their employment. Rise to the challenge to think differently and meet employees where they are. 
  • Review your recruiting standards – are they higher than they need to be. Focus on the skills that will benefit your organization, not just education levels. 
  • How can the rise of the gig economy help you find talent that may not have been accessible to you in the past? Consider asynchronous models where employees can work around personal obligations, like daycare, and stagger their workday. 
  • Putting "remote work" in your job description can boost applicant flow by 60%. People are looking for freedom and flexibility and achieving work-life balance on their terms. Even if remote work isn't possible, how else can you offer more flexibility on the job?
  • Creative benefits can show you're in touch with different generations' challenges. Think beyond healthcare – also trending are student loan repayments, pet insurance, mental wellness programs, and extended time off. Think about who you are trying to recruit and retain. An older workforce wants their 401(k) contributions to go further. Younger audiences may desire student loan repayment or pet insurance for their fur babies. 
  • Retaining employees means keeping those lines of communication open and frequent. Treat one-on-ones like a "stay" interview and ask employees what they value, how they do their best work, what's holding them back from doing their best work. Then, truly listen as an organization and look for themes - different benefits, more flexibility - to determine if these needs are actionable. 
  • Find partners who work with underrepresented groups to help you post jobs to channels you may not reach with the more popular recruiting options.
  • Scrutinize your applicant process. Are you screening people out before they have a chance to be heard out and present themselves as a viable candidate? How open you are in your processes if an employee comes in with personal challenges. You want an environment where a diverse workforce can thrive.
  • Make your employment brand and employee value proposition a high priority that you are investing in and improving upon. Showing your employees they are your most valued asset by the way you treat them, compensate them, and through the way you help develop and grow them is a true differentiator. It's not just icing on the cake – it is the cake. 
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