Why & how Orbitform quickly produced the Orbitform UVC Decontamination Chamber


In the face of COVID-19 concerns, Orbitform has used its talented team and multiple in-house capabilities to add new product lines to meet market demand, bringing proof of concepts to market in two to three weeks with their new division Orbitform Medical.

Phil's supervision of Orbitform shows servant leadership in action – creating a culture of continuous improvement executed by-high-performance teams which has led to strong financial results. He has driven towards vertical integration, allowing Orbitform to offer engineering, design, machining, fabrication, and assembly solutions all under one roof.


Purpose Driven Innovation - Why & how Orbitform quickly produced the Orbitform Medical mask sanitizing product the UVC Decontamination Chamber and Air-Kleen Products 

Continuous Improvement Environment and Servant Leadership - How Orbitform continuously delivers ever-improving results and security to their Employees, Investors, and Customers

A Message to Business Leaders - How you acted before, during, and after the crisis is so critical and why

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