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Getting Outbound Email Right Starts
With Your Prospect, Not You

Outbounding: <br /> A Better Way To Grow Sales In 2023

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool when it’s done right. Unfortunately, most sales and marketing professionals never learn how to be effective. They’re told it’s all a numbers game and they just have to keep hitting “send.”

We asked sales experts, Skip Miller and Tom Latourette, to share their insights in this month’s Business as ‘Un’usual webinar. 

They suggested you invite prospects to talk about their pain points and then validate those frustrations instead of jumping right into your sales pitch. And whether you’re talking to an above the line (ATL) buyer or a below the line (BTL) buyer, your approach has to speak to what they find important. [Watch the webinar replay to learn more about ATL buyers vs BTL buyers.]

Here are a few more actionable tips from Skip and Tom:

  • Write like people read, NOT how you talk.
  • Three words (Cause, Outcome, Decide) should be included in your first three sales touchpoints. 
  • You can expect to use 10-12 touches across a variety of channels if you want to be successful in outbound sales.

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