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Innovation: Going Beyond the Buzzword

Innovation: Going Beyond the Buzzword


Moisés Noreña is Vice President of Innovation for Moen (part of Fortune Brands), the leading plumbing brand in North America. He joined the company in 2017 and is responsible for driving growth and innovation by identifying new sources of growth based on unique consumer insights and turning them into desired solutions for consumers and customers.


Our interactive session with Moisés covered laid an excellent framework for how to be successful at innovation. Some of our top takeaways included:

  • Strategy is the most important part of the innovation process; what are you trying to solve needs to be determined first
  • Innovation needs to tie into your company’s business plan and be part of a larger purpose; people need to understand the “why” to support
  • Have a champion for innovation in the top level of your company’s leadership; it is easier to innovate top-down than bottom-up
  • Find the right balance between company leadership expecting results and the innovation process and team needing time and space to create
  • Use advancing technology in data management and analysis to provide deeper insights into the innovation process


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