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The HR Function Is More Complex And Diverse Than Ever.

Mastering Modern HR & Navigating the Changing<br/>Labor Market

According to a survey conducted by HR Source, only 50% of HR professionals were formally trained in the field, which seems to indicate how widely the role has expanded in recent years. Today, HR departments are responsible for the entire employee life cycle, which requires an extremely diverse skill set and often collaboration with sales, marketing, and technology experts within their organization and outside consultants.

Recap Points

  • Work From Home/Remote Employment has introduced a number of complex factors employers have to consider
  • Companies have to decide which HR challenges are most significantly impacting their business in order to prioritize their efforts for 2024. Those that are struggling to fill important roles are considering upskilling, reskilling, and fractional solutions instead.
  • By leveraging technology more effectively, HR professionals can write better job descriptions, streamline communication with candidates or employees, and track employee information better, allowing them to self-serve online.
  • HR departments are collaborating with marketing, communications, and sales functions more than ever in order to complement skill gaps in employer branding, internal communication, and recruitment.

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