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Reimagine Your Workplace: Be Ready for 2021

Reimagine Your Workplace: Be Ready for 2021


Mary Lynn Fayoumi, CAE, SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP is the President and CEO of HR Source, a Chicago-based employers’ association with over 1200 member organizations. She is a highly respected speaker, trainer and advisor and an accepted authority on a variety of workplace issues including culture, employment trends, and HR management. Countless organizations have benefited from her expertise during her distinguished career at the association.


Filled with practical advice and real-life examples, today’s webinar featuring Mary Lynn Fayoumi was educational and thought-provoking! Whether you are still blocking and tackling today’s tough issues or looking ahead to next year, Mary Lynn covered a variety of topics helpful for any business.

Our Top Takeaways Included:

  • Be prepared to never go back to “normal” - companies will need to monitor employee productivity to the sales pipeline to decide if they have the right mix of products/services, cash flow and staff to continue in 2021
  • When considering a return to the office, fully rationalize why your employees need to be on-site first and prepare alternatives depending on each employee’s unique situation
  • As leaders, show empathy, be humble and request feedback during this time; it’s okay to show your vulnerability
  • Each company’s journey to inclusion is different; the unifying aspect is that open and honest conversations are occurring along with inviting everyone to participate
  • Hiring and onboarding for the new work environment, especially how to assess performance and metrics in virtual and physical settings, should be fully thought through
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