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Learn How Get Maine Lobster Has Successfully Navigated the Highs and Lows of 10X More Orders

Learn How Get Maine Lobster Has Successfully Navigated the Highs and Lows of 10X More Orders


Mark Murrell founded GetMaineLobster.com/Black Point Seafood in 2010 with the primary goal of making fresh Maine seafood available to anyone in the continental United States—no small task—but he has accomplished the feat by establishing an online business that provides dock-to-doorstep delivery of the world’s best lobster—Maine lobster—as well as seafood appetizers and select beef. An accomplished businessman, Mark’s company has served over 300K people and retains the highest rating of all online lobster purveyors.

Mark and his business have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today and recommended on Rachel Ray and ESPN. Additionally, out of 4 million small businesses that Chase serves, Mark and GetMaineLobster.com/Black Point Seafood, were recently selected to be featured in their 2013 Chase National Advertising Campaign.


  • Navigating the disruption of the Food and Hospitality industry
  • Managing growth and keeping people healthy when they are TEN TIMES busier than normal
  • No one loves your customers like you do – every business should be investing in catering to the customer
  • Use this time in the pandemic to experiment
  • Relying on others supplying your product makes you vulnerable – why owning more of his supply chain is paying off for Mark
  • Keeping a team's spirits high by removing distractions so more time is focused on productive tasks
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