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Building an Ownership Culture - GGOB, EOS, and ESOP

Building an Ownership Culture - GGOB, EOS, and ESOP


Kevin Mauger started working for NCC the day after graduating from college and bought the company 12 years into his career. The company has grown 6X since. In 2017, a dream came true. In a surprise announcement to the company, he gave nearly half of his company to the employees. His vision for NCC is to support his team's entrepreneurial spirit; he realizes his purpose is to create the perfect environment to do so. His personal life centers on spending time with his family, figuring out a way to get out deep sea fishing, and supporting his Philadelphia Eagles.


In our time together, Kevin shared a powerful top-line view for how changing his company to an ESOP along with implementing The Great Game of Business (GGOB) and Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) have had a lasting impact on company performance and employee involvement. Kevin’s candid discussion on the merits of each system gave us some great takeaways, including:

  • Trust, Transparency and Teamwork define an ownership culture
  • Have your “why” decided before deciding the "how"; your end goal will influence your selection of business systems and implementation
  • Systems may not resonate at first with all employees; practice makes perfect along with stressing the importance of everyone being involved
  • Having simple, clean and concise information through GGOB and EOS opens the doors to your team being able to help improve the company by starting conversations about what needs improvement


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