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Maximizing Sales Potential in Uncertain Times

Increasing Sales Revenue </br> Even in Recessionary Times

The economic future is uncertain, but there are proven methods to increase revenue today and prepare for long-term success post-economic recovery. 

Bob Lambert, founding partner of Samurai Business Group LLC®, has a strong track record of leading successful businesses, generating substantial revenue, and growing profits. He has extensive experience in strategic business development, marketing, and sales for major global companies and has founded four successful start-ups. 

John Jankowski, President of Ready2REV Sales Solutions, Inc., specializes in optimizing sales strategies, processes, and execution for companies. He helps companies boost revenue by hiring the right sales force, transforming sales culture, and implementing new sales processes.

In this Business as “Un”usual livestream they’ve come together to share their decades of wisdom on crucial changes that CEOs, CFOs, and executives of small to mid-market companies can make to significantly impact their bottom line in the latter half of the year including:

  • How to set your business up for success even during a recessionary time.
  • Why focusing on your existing customers is crucial for growth.
  • Who should be involved in your business’s sales strategy.

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Are you or someone you know doing Business As "Un"usual? If you're pushing conventional boundaries or taking an innovative approach to growth, let us know. Then, you could be a future guest speaker on our livestream series!