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Growth Lanes: Focus on Human Capital

Growth Lanes: Focus on Human Capital

In case you missed it, we covered a lot of ground on the variety of unique hiring and retention challenges business leaders face today, hearing from two very different perspectives: Sean Helsel, the VP of Human Resources at Union Tank Car Company; and Rae Ali, the Chief People Officer at Legacy.com. 

Nearly every industry and every company feels the talent shortage in a very real way right now. Sean and Rae gave us a spirited discussion on the many ways to get creative and stay agile and positive as workforce expectations shift.

Here's what we learned:

  • Flexibility is king right now. Consider how you can make accommodations so employees can do their best work and feel a more natural balance and integration with their personal lives and goals.
  • Commit to accelerating the hiring process — clear schedules to get a candidate through the interviews in one day; make offers on the weekend; meet offsite for interviews — get creative! 
  • Connect marketing with your talent management process to attract people to your brand and culture with a more comprehensive story of your employee experience from recruitment to onboarding to career development. 
  • See your pool of qualified candidates open up by being intentional with the recruitment firms and partners you work with to be more inclusive and diverse in your talent search.
  • Leave on good terms and keep connected with talent that has left because as your organization changes over time, there might be new opportunities that are a better fit than what you previously had before.
  • Build connections to local community organizations, government agencies and charitable works to demonstrate what you stand for. 
  • Control what you can control to drive retention up by providing positive employee experiences, challenging growth experiences, and the right culture that’s true to your company.
  • Remember that even at the end, a positive experience can pay itself forward as a referral or people who come back as full-time employees, consultants or other partners -- that’s the mark of a strong employer brand!
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