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How is AI Impacting the Customer Experience?

How is AI Impacting the Customer Experience?

At every step in the customer journey, there are opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, too many companies are jumping into technology without first determining which questions they’re trying to answer, what they want to measure, and how they hope to create value for their customers–and themselves. 

We invited Alana Widdess, Senior Partner and Digital Commerce Practice Leader at Tata Consultancy, to discuss familiar uses of AI today as well as where the most valuable use cases exist for businesses that want to reduce their cost to serve customers and reallocate time to more consultative areas.

Recap Points

  • AI can impact the buying process from driving traffic to post-order support
  • Leaders should focus on tying AI investments to the customer experience they want to create
  • Companies can use AI to better serve customers and also lower their cost to serve

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