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Learning Why Clients Leave is the key
to Keeping the Right Ones

Exceptional Client Experiences

In case you missed it, we covered a lot of ground with guest Chris McKee (Venturity Financial Partners) and co-host Tom Latourette (M3 Learning) on Business as ‘Un’usual. Chris walked us through the process his team took to identify why clients were leaving Venturity Financial Partners and which factors were controllable. That process cut their controllable attrition rate in half, while also uncovering a wealth of insight and even a new practice area opportunity.

Here's what we learned:

  • How to discover the top 4-5 reasons clients are leaving and which reasons are controllable
  • Trusted advisors use data and other information to help companies make better decisions
  • Misaligned expectations regarding deliverables and communication commonly cause a poor client experience
  • Identifying red flags in advance can help avoid taking on the wrong clients or staying with the clients who are unlikely to become long-term advocates
  • Discussing your client experience expectations upfront with prospects can lead to deeper sales conversations
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