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Youre carrying too many technology platforms. Here’s how to choose what to keep

You’re carrying too many technology platforms. Here’s how to choose what to keep.

In case you missed it, Mike Remke and Matt Butler from Bonsai Data Solutions gave us a ton of insight into choosing smart tech platforms to fuel growth. Co-host Joseph Gurreri from Insperity and Red Caffeine CEO, Kathy Steele, led the conversation in our live Business as ‘Un’usual webinar, which you can rewatch here.

Tune in to the replay or check out the key takeaways below from this incredibly valuable webinar.

Here’s what we learned:

  • How many tech tools companies are using today (spoiler: It’s a HUGE number)
  • Why it makes sense to identify and eliminate platforms that are no longer being used
  • Red flags to look for when choosing a technology partner
  • What questions to ask when considering a “teams first” approach to technology
  • Why it’s important to determine how each platform is being used and what it could be used for
  • Which people in your company need to understand how to do everything in a platform and who just needs to know what the data is telling them.
  • To get started, follow these five steps.
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