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The time is NOW to reset your strategic plan for growth, innovation, technology, and culture!

The time is NOW to reset your strategic plan for growth, innovation, technology, and culture!


Janet Viane, who joined Red Caffeine in the spring of 2019 as Chief Strategy Officer, is a board director and C-suite transformational executive with 30 years of leadership experience in strategic planning, marketing, sales and operations. Janet has served as the CEO and in other C-suite positions at numerous companies and has driven growth through market development and strategic acquisitions. Most recently, Janet was Chief Operating and Sales Officer of Symbria, an ESOP in healthcare providing clinical and wellness business services.


Named a “Growth Guru” by Inc. Magazine, Dean DeBiase is a Faculty Member at Kellogg School of Management, a public company board director and Silicon Valley serial CEO helping organizations accelerate through market-making growth phases including global expansion, digital disruption, new venture scale-up, turnaround, roll-up, spin-out, divestiture, acquisition and IPO—with dozens of successful exits.

Dean has led public corporations, and served as CEO of Fortune 500 subsidiaries for companies such as LG, AT&T and FedEx. He has also served in chief executive and chairman roles of more than a dozen emerging growth companies.

He is a Forbes and Fortune Magazine Contributor, a Technology Fellow at Northwestern University, a Board Leadership Fellow at The National Association of Corporate Directors and an Advisor to the National Science Foundation. Dean is a co-author of the best-selling book The Big Moo, working on his next book Dancing with Startups, and Host of The Reboot Chronicles, a popular no-holds-barred podcast that has been bringing together CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors and global leaders to discuss how organizations are rebooting Growth, Innovation, Talent, Technology, Culture and Governance in unprecedented times.


Dean’s and Janet’s sound business advice on how to reboot your strategic plan were the perfect way to start off the second half of 2020! We left our session with some great advice and takeaways, including:

  • Finding the rational and emotional opportunities to connect with your customers
    • Use the “triage” insights you gained over the last six months to reboot your strategy
    • Why do we do it this way?
    • How are we going to grow our market share?
    • How do we make our competition irrelevant?
  • Avoid becoming a BFS (Big, Fat, Slow) Company by looking for:
    • People who will take you to the next level
    • Products, services and new ventures to create your future business platform
    • Ignite the Passion through your employees investing in your culture
  • The next generation of innovation involves:
    • Enabling the core people at your business to try new things
    • Embedding entrepreneurs within your business to start new ventures
    • Escaping the mothership by starting a new division physically in another location
  • Engaging the ecosystem by partnering with other companies, with potential for acquisition

    • Use of the power of “and”: continue at your day job while volunteering at a start-up to gain experience and become a bridge for your company to grow.

Check out these resources from Dean:

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