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You’re Going to Love Working With Us, and Here’s Why: Building an Exceptional Client Experience

You’re Going to Love Working With Us, and Here’s Why: Building an Exceptional Client Experience


Founder of Venturity Financial Partners, started the company in 2001 after holding accounting leadership roles with several different organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth business community. He has been active with and served on the board of several non-profit organizations, including the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas, Education is Freedom and as Board President for the Dallas chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).


is responsible for all aspects of business development and marketing, as well as overseeing client experience for Venturity, which is her primary passion. Deanna has been involved in and held board positions with several professional and community organizations, including the Association for Corporate Growth, National Association of Women Business Owners, and Women’s Finance Exchange.


Leader of the Red Caffeine mission to deliver Exceptional Client Experiences, drawing on her 20+ years in Client Services. In addition to running the Account Management department, she brings her results-driven, creative problem solving, marketing experience and passion for impact to each client every day. Amy serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Northern Illinois Digital Marketing MBA Program.


Our three panelists today shared several ideas for how to create the Exceptional Client Experience. With the goal of stemming client attrition, both Venturity Financial Partners and Red Caffeine were able to not only turn existing customers into loyal ones,but also set up their new clients for success! Some of our top takeaways include:

  • Openly share why working with your company is a great experience - from the start of the sales process to reiterating successes together on a regular schedule
  • Clearly spell out expectations for both your client and your team in writing or in graphic form, and discuss which ones are the most important
  • Set metrics for tracking your client experience, such as a Net Promoter Score, attrition rate or growth rate; review regularly and use the feedback to continue improving
  • Enable your entire team to help focus on the client relationship by making it a focus and providing tools and resources to guide the conversation
  • By assessing the Client Lifetime Value, you can connect how keeping a customer through your Exceptional Client Experience is impacting your overall sales goals and customer portfolio
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