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Expect Uncertainty in 2023. Learn how Thriving B2B Companies Approach Sales in Recessionary Times.

B2B Sales Strategies for a Recessionary Environment

To no one’s surprise, the business and economic forecast for 2023 looks a bit dicey, at best. While every recession, downturn, or valley only lasts, on average, a year and a half, we’re coming off of an economic boom that lasted longer than the average three year period.

If you want your business to live to see the next growth cycle, Red Caffeine Chief Strategy Officer, Janet Viane, offered a number of valuable tips in our last Business as ‘Un’usual webinar of 2022.

If you missed the webinar or want to rewatch it, check out the replay.

Here's what we learned:

  • Bring confidence and assurance to your customers to ease their uncertainty.
  • Historically, companies that thrive in a recession behave in similar ways. (Watch the webinar to discover them)
  • Difficult economic times create the perfect environment for focusing on customer loyalty and reinforcing your brand’s value proposition.
FULL EVENT Transcript

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