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Active Listening, Authenticity, and Accountability in 2023

2023 Predictions - The Growth Trends to Watch

Red Caffeine special guests Mary Lynn Fayoumi, Tom Latourette and Joe Gurreri joined CEO, Kathy Steele, for a roundtable discussion about the key growth trends they expect to see in 2023. And they did not disappoint.

Watch the replay video to hear why now is the perfect time for 2023 strategic planning. Whether your company is hiring or downsizing, you’ll learn which technologies you should be focused on, whose opinions you should seek out (HINT: It’s not who you think), and how focusing on your employer brand can strengthen company culture, reduce turnover, and save money.

It’s not too late to begin thinking about next year and it’s not too early to consider a succession plan for key roles within your organization. Get your team together and watch this webinar on 2023 Trends in Sales, Talent Acquisition, and Technology.

Session Takeaways

  • Even companies that downsize will experience additional turnover. That’s why it’s still important to search for opportunities to invest in your own people.
  • HR Departments and Marketing teams are working more closely together to make sure the company is selling itself.
  • The last six weeks of the year is the perfect time to reconnect with your customers–not to sell to them, but to learn from them.
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