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Why the US's Largest Industrial Park is Obsessed with Helping Businesses Thrive

Why the US's Largest Industrial Park is Obsessed with Helping Businesses Thrive


Since 2010, Josh has been the Director of Business Development and Marketing for Elk Grove Village. He is the first point of contact for businesses expanding in or relocating to Elk Grove Village. Josh is also responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Village’s business retention and attraction program. This includes public relations, branding and marketing, and ombudsman services. Additional responsibilities include coordination of business development resources and working with other public sector agencies.

Prior to his current role, he held positions at City of Highland Park and DuPage County. Josh is the go-to man for the annual Manufacturing and Technology Expo. He is also the talent behind Elk Grove’s monthly podcast, Strictly Business.

Josh has a Master of Arts in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science from DePaul University. He holds a Certified Economic Developer from International Economic Development Council


Josh’s energy and enthusiasm for helping all businesses was apparent during today’s webinar! By thinking of their municipality like a business, Elk Grove Village has seen great success, and their practices can be put into place by any business. 

Some of our top takeaways include:

  • It takes time to build a good database, so start knocking on doors and making connections now
  • Develop a multi-year marketing plan that helps show your value the way your customers define it
  • Find the right partners in your community, from fellow businesses to community  programs, to help you achieve your business goals
  • Create your own “cornerstone” event for your customers and partners to connect
  • Customer Service should be your top priority, no matter what business you’re in - aim to provide a “frictionless experience” for your customers
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