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Women in Manufacturing 4.0: The Next Frontier

Women in Manufacturing 4.0: The Next Frontier


Allison Grealis is founder and president of the Women in Manufacturing® Association (WiM), a national trade association focused on supporting, promoting and inspiring women in the manufacturing sector. She also is president of the WiM Education Foundation, the 501(c)(3) arm of WiM, which provides effective and affordable educational opportunities for women in manufacturing.

From 2001 until March 2020, Grealis also served as vice president of association services for the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), a full-service trade association representing the metalforming industry. 

Grealis is a frequent speaker at industry events, including the Financial Times’ Future of Manufacturing Summit, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence conference, the North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit, the Generis American Manufacturing Summit, and more. She also regularly is featured on industry podcasts and in the media.

Grealis earned her Bachelor of Arts in English with a certificate in Women’s Studies from Ohio University and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Akron.


As our final webinar of 2020, Allison shared excellent advice to take us well into 2021! We captured our top takeaways from the session below, and we will be watching for WiM’s survey with Thomas being released on Monday, December 7 for more great information!:

  • Communicate, Collaborate and Connect - building relationships is extremely important!
  • Find creative ways to onboard during the pandemic - utilize technology, pair new hires with a buddy/mentor and host team check-ins with a social element
  • Focus on diversity and inclusion by:
    • Completing a Diversity & Inclusion Assessment to understand where your company’s strengths and areas of improvement are
    • Developing a Women’s Business Resource Group (BRG), then adding other BRGs for each diverse population at your business
    • Training your leadership, starting at the top
  • Manufacturers in 2021 will be focused on employee retention and development along with highlighting technology, innovation and automation within their businesses


FULL EVENT Transcript
These transcripts come from live conversations. Please excuse any typos or errors.

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