First-ever Job Fair at America’s Largest Business Park Smashes Expectations

By Christiana Henry

Friday, October 29, 2021


Elk Grove Village boasts the largest Business Park in North America, home to a who’s who of giants in manufacturing, logistics, and other industries. 

With labor shortages looming, the time was ripe to create a first-of-its-kind Job Fair in July to help the businesses of Elk Grove Village attract talent to fill critical roles in a variety of capacities. Organizations from Craft Technologies and D&K Group to Pepsi Co. and more pooled their efforts together to create a must-attend event for anyone looking for solid employment. The result: a job fair that exceeded expectations five-fold!



  • Developed a free and convenient way to connect employers to job seekers
  • Short breakout sessions to coach job seekers on how to have a great interview and successful plan for following up afterwards
  • The first-ever event garnered such a great response from both employers and talent that we are turning around another just 4 months later on November 5th. 



We set out to create employment buzz for the business park and connect the businesses of Elk Grove Village to qualified candidates for part-time and full-time work. As a result, many connections were made, including several onsite interviews and job offers that continued following the Job Fair. In addition, employers shared that this half-day event could save them tens of thousands of dollars in recruiting and temporary staffing costs if they made just one hire.




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Christiana Henry

Christiana Henry

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