The Red Caffeine team has the pleasure of working with Bales Metal Surface Solutions and Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. daily, so it’s safe to say we know how awesome they are. With that said, it’s always nice when they are recognized for the fantastic work they are doing. We believe that our client’s stories deserve to be heard. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to spotlight these two amazing companies and congratulate them on making the Plastics News list of Best Places to Work 2020. The article from Plastics News originally published here on February 20, 2020.

Following In Their Footsteps

Why is it essential to be known as the Best Place to Work?

Being know for your workplace culture is not just about plaques on a wall. Employees are looking for and staying at companies who care about them and provide a thoughtful workplace experience.

Workplace award competitions provide you anonymous data on how your business is doing internally and against other companies of your size, market, or industry. Most award survey’s tap into the key areas your employees care about most such as:

  • Leadership – Transparency and clear direction on the long-term strategy of the business
  • Communication and Trust – Sharing frequent organizational updates that employees can depend on
  • Role Satisfaction – Employee sentiment about your work environment, duties, compensation, and benefits
  • Relationship with Manager Effectiveness of your leadership team

Participating in workplace surveys, not only acknowledging your interest in their happiness but allows you to act on and respond to the things that may threaten their progress or lead to a great employee opting out.

This data also helps define what steps you need to take moving forward. What tools would help them do their best work? Where are there inefficiencies in operations? What do they want to know from your customers? Your team members are often the gatekeepers to remarkable insights. It’s all about asking the right questions.

Most surveys also give you a glimpse into how you fair against the competition. In today’s talent market, competitive insights can help you highlight gaps in your employment brand.

A Workplace Culture trophy or logo on your website is not the only thing prospective candidates or current employees care about, but it’s a step in building a brand people want to work for.

Want to learn more about improving your employee experience? Connect with a growth consultant or download our Employer Brand Playbook.

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