Building Wings Reaches New Heights

By Kris Meadows

Thursday, June 30, 2022

About Building Wings

Building Wings develops special education resources to help students reach new heights in their learning. Evidence-based and rich in visuals, its alternative literacy instruction helps ensure students with complex learning barriers can read, write, and communicate to their fullest potential. Thousands of K-12 educators rely on Building Wings to meet the widest range of learning needs.

The Challenge

Building Wings is a new company forged by Don Johnston, a veteran in assistive technology and special education curriculum. In January 2022, Johnston’s former company was acquired, and the curriculum division separated to form Building Wings. At the same time, the annual buying cycle for educational resources was taking off in school districts nationwide.

Building Wings approached Red Caffeine a few weeks after launching with an ambitious three-year growth plan:

  • Gain adoption in 10,000 U.S. classrooms
  • Generate $10M in annual revenue
  • Get 1% better every day

To accomplish these goals, Building Wings needed to re-introduce itself to the market with a brand identity and website—without losing visibility to prospective customers even for a day.

Red Caffeine had a plan.

The Solution

Red Caffeine brought Building Wings to market nearly instantaneously, allowing it to stay active during the buying cycle. First, we created a brand story, including a differentiated positioning statement, value proposition, elevator pitch, audience profile, and product overview. Then we designed, developed, and launched the Building Wings website. It reflects a fresh chapter in Johnston's legacy and features a live chat tool, curriculum samples, and lead forms integrated with Salesforce.

The Difference

With a strong brand identity and web presence, Building Wings flies independently in the market. Now, it’s focusing on the next steps in its growth plan. The company is already expanding to provide more special education resources. Another soon-to-be-branded product is in development, with the launch announcement expected in October.

Are you ready for growth?


Kris Meadows

Kris Meadows

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