The Challenge

Becker Aviation Differentiates by Serving Its
Customers Above and Beyond Their Expectations.

Becker Aviation is a national stocking distributor for products in the aviation ground fueling industry. Beyond quickly making parts available for customers, Becker Aviation also provides on-site product training for those parts and support in the field. That training typically includes disassembly, inspection, and reassembly of up to 16 parts, which can take several hours. They do it so well, though, that the company developed a strong reputation–and a growing demand–for supporting customers in a way few could after their purchase.

The RC Solution

Becker Aviation Differentiates by Serving Its
Customers Above and Beyond Their Expectations.

For its customers to continue receiving outstanding service in the form of product training, Becker Aviation had to change its delivery model. While ground support mechanics often prefer a hands-on experience in which they can touch and feel every part, just as many were open to a self-directed experience in which the training content was available online. Our stakeholder interviews indicated that these technicians would prefer to watch a well-done video over reading through manuals in print or online.

With a catalog of more than 750 products from 16 original equipment manufacturers, Becker Aviation carefully selected Eaton Carter Ground Fueling, one of its most engaged partners, and pitched the idea for a video training series in which it would highlight one of its products at a time.


  • Voice of Customer Research: Red Caffeine conducted interviews with customers to learn their preference on training solutions
  • Better with Becker Training Branding: Red Caffeine developed the Series Name and Branding
  • Video Production: Red Caffeine wrote, produced, filmed and edited the video training series

Eaton Carter not only agreed to allow its products to be featured, but it also jumped into the project with both feet. They offered to collaborate on video production and included two members of its own team (Bobby Sbonek and Bill Moody) as on-screen co-hosts alongside Jeff Griffith from Becker Aviation.

The video training series planning focused initially on five Eaton Carter products: The 60554 Hydrant Valve, the 64250 Heavy Duty Nozzle, the 64200 Light Duty Nozzle, the 44646 Hose Pressure Control Valve, and the 64800 Hydrant Coupler. Each video was professionally scripted, shot, and edited over several weeks. Each included a full transcript as well as links to related service manuals and product literature.

We named the resulting assets the Better with Becker Training Series in Partnership with Eaton Carter. The videos are visually branded and hosted on the Becker Aviation website where they are easily accessible through the main navigation bar as well as on the company’s YouTube channel. As part of its year-round commitment to customer service, the Better with Becker videos are proactively promoted via email, social media, and at industry trade shows.

Originally, the intent was to lessen the logical load on Becker Aviation’s staff, while continuing to provide the same valuable content. During the process, however, it became apparent that customers felt very strongly about in-person service. So, while Becker Aviation has made its training video series available to more people, it has also recommitted itself to prioritizing the personal visits and face-to-face interactions that have become the hallmark of its customer service mantra.

Now, with a strategic partner on board, the series has established a foundation for similar collaboration in the future, all while driving increased brand awareness for Becker Aviation and its customers.

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