Beyond Business Friendly is more than just a catchy tagline. It embodies the Elk Grove Village government’s mission and vision as they strive to be known as the most business-friendly community in America. Elk Grove Village is home to the largest industrial park in the United States with over 3,800 businesses and more than 400 manufacturers.

When Red Caffeine and Elk Grove Village began working together in 2012, we committed to supporting the Village’s growth and helping them maintain a 95% occupancy rate. To maintain this in 2021, we launched a multi-touch lead generation campaign to attract prospective businesses to relocate and/or expand operations into Elk Grove Village industrial park.

Aimed at Manufacturing Business Leaders, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, and businesses looking for proximity to Data Centers, the campaign highlighted the Village’s differentiating proof points such as regional advantages, access to a talent-ready workforce, and infrastructure advantages. We developed and deployed three integrated and targeted multi-touch customer journey lead generation campaigns. We leveraged conversion-optimized landing page designs, robust content marketing pieces — including Guidebooks and Broker checklists — paid media advertising, and customer journey automation technologies to improve lead capture and help nurture leads through the leasing pipeline.

We are just a few months into the campaign, but Elk Grove Village has already experienced significant results. Within the first month, the click-through rate (CTR) on their paid media ads soared to 3.8%, nearly twice the industry average. And in just 3 months their lead volume increased by 500%.

Click here to see one of the live lead generation landing pages from the campaign. You can also use the link to learn more about the business park and why so many businesses choose to call Elk Grove Village home.

Christiana Henry

Account Director

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As an account manager, I’m successful when my clients are successful.  I’m a proven digital marketing leader and client-savvy brand builder who loves building relationships with clients to grow their businesses. My main focus is creating successful multi-channel marketing strategies and campaigns. I have both big and boutique agency experience. And with an early background in writing and editing, I always keep an eye on the details.

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