Question #1

What Do You Enjoy Most About
Your Work at Red Caffeine?

Don’t make me choose just one thing! I love what we do. If I had to pick one thing, it would be working with clients on their growth strategy. Running a business is complex, and there is value in bringing in outside expertise and market experience. We do it too! It is very gratifying to see a company transform, work through challenges, and grow revenue. Ultimately, this affects their culture, customer and employee experiences, and the impact they can make in their community. It’s how our work aligns with our purpose.

Question #2

What Challenges Are You
Particularly Focused on Right Now?

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into various business sectors represents a significant paradigm shift in our industry. AI’s applications span a wide range of areas including content creation, chatbot technology, search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce, and how we analyze campaign performance data signaling a new era of digital transformation. Companies are increasingly recognizing the need to develop a comprehensive AI strategy and philosophy, focusing not just on its implementation but also on its ethical and practical implications. I have seen a lot of emerging tech in my career but the mainstream use of AI is happening fast and seems to be evolving at an unprecedented pace. AI’s rapid development and integration into business practices will revolutionize industry norms and operations.

This swift progression in AI technology use is poised to significantly influence workforce dynamics, which have already been experiencing challenges and transformations in recent years. The integration of AI necessitates a reevaluation and enhancement of skill sets across various workforce categories. Employees will need to adapt to and embrace these changes to remain relevant and efficient in an AI-centric business environment. It will impact businesses too. They will need to invest heavily on employee experience and continuous learning and development.

Question #3

Looking Back on 10 Years in
Business, What Stands Out Most?

Our first INC 5000 honor was a pretty big deal. I also feel very proud that we have been recognized for our culture by organizations like NABR, who run the Best and Brightest Companies to Work for programs. Another thing that comes to mind is what we call “the company we keep.” We have had some amazing people—clients, employees, and our community partners contribute to the growth of Red Caffeine.

Question #4

What’s Your Favorite Way to Collaborate With Other Red Caffeine Team Members?

In person, when possible, but we are a remote team so we have learned a lot of ways to collaborate. I get a lot of energy from group sessions so Zoom works too.

Question #5

Outside of Work, What Do You Love to Do?

A tennis court is my happy place. Being outside, running, hitting a yellow ball hard past your opponent while wearing something very cute—what’s not to like?

Kathy Steele


Meet The Author

I am passionate about people, obsessed with helping businesses grow, and love to support the underdog cause in my community. As a business leader, I'm an educated risk-taker who persevered through challenging economic conditions and a business divorce to be a two-time honoree on Inc. Magazines Annual List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

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