Rebranding is where concepts become reality in the Red Caffeine process, and it’s a huge deal. With many of our clients, we collaborate with 2-3 key stakeholders who are heavily involved throughout the full rebrand process, which includes overall strategy, logo development, and updating sales collateral, signage, business identity materials, email signatures, and other needed assets.

While the company leaders may drive the branding vision, their teams are often the most entangled with their brand and using branded materials day-to-day. If you rebrand your company the right way, it’s not just reflected in the visuals, however. It’s reflected in the way your team speaks about your company and represents the shift in direction internally and to your clients.

That’s why, before your rebrand goes public, an internal launch is key.

Here Are Two Ways to Think About It:

  1. Imagine being part of a family, that decides to change their last name, but no one tells you. Weird right? You would probably be a little salty about the change if you were not included in the discussion.
  2. On a happier note, a rebrand is a milestone for a company and should be celebrated. Just like work anniversaries, birthdays and major accomplishments, this too should bring your employees together.

Each brand launch has its own style.

Not one of our client’s brand relaunches has been the same. This sets Red Caffeine apart. Through our strategy phase, we really get to know the client, the team and their culture. From this, we construct a unique experience that makes the most sense for that specific organization. We’ve done everything from trivia in the warehouse of a manufacturer, to an art gallery type display at a leading TPA, to a digital experience where key members of the team participated remotely. No matter the format, in each case the client’s team left feeling energized, entangled in the brand and enthusiastic about what was happening with the company.

Remember – this is all done before any changes go public. Internal alignment is critical before a rebrand is seen by clients and prospects.

What do you cover at a Brand Launch?

This is the official big unveiling of the new brand and so much more. The flow of the launch will shift, but generally, they are all set up to answer these questions:

  • Why did the leadership team decide to partner with Red Caffeine? What are the goals?
  • What was discovered through our strategy phase? How do people currently view the company?
  • Why did Red Caffeine make some of the visual changes they did?
  • How do we speak to clients, prospects, and employees in our new brand language?
  • What’s next?

After the presentation portion of the launch, we always encourage questions and try to structure the events so there is time for socializing and informal discussion.

Rebranding is a major undertaking, and a brand launch is a great tool to make sure your whole team is equipped to represent your new brand effectively. Your brand = your people, and that is, at the end of the day, what you’re celebrating with a brand relaunch. So make it exciting, make it holistic and make it memorable.

Learn more about our signature filteRED experience for brand identity.

Or, contact us to learn how we can collaborate to best highlight your team and brand.

Kathy Steele


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I am passionate about people, obsessed with helping businesses grow, and love to support the underdog cause in my community. As a business leader, I'm an educated risk-taker who persevered through challenging economic conditions and a business divorce to be a two-time honoree on Inc. Magazines Annual List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

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