Anchor Harvey is a data-driven aluminum forging company with a century-long legacy in precision manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management in the USA. They’ve modernized the age-old aluminum forging process by introducing sophisticated technology to monitor and control every step of the process, ensuring part consistency from 1 to +1,000,000

The Challenge

In [2022], Anchor Harvey saw an uptick in RFQs coming from machining companies via
its website.

Although the company had worked with machine shops for years, it had not actively marketed to the segment, specifically, in some time. Recent campaigns targeted specific industries like automotive, aerospace, and medical. Moving forward, the company wanted to remain industry agnostic, while targeting a different part of the supply chain.

With many machine shops trending over capacity due to reshoring and supply chain issues, Anchor Harvey saw an opportunity to provide support by highlighting how starting from a forged part would save the machine shops time and money.

Anchor Harvey saw a chance to double down in a growing area of opportunity. The challenge–getting the word out to the right people.

The RC Solution

In order to pour gas on a simmering flame, Red Caffeine helped Anchor Harvey launch a multi-channel lead generation campaign in late 2022. The campaign included a series of eight emails sent to a carefully curated list of prospects over a six-month period. To craft the list, our team researched industry job boards and directories like ThomasNet and IQS, armed with buyer personas and ideal job titles.

The lead generation campaign also drew visitors to a dedicated landing page from online
media placements in NTMA and Modern Machining Association. Additionally, a set of organic social media posts and a targeted direct mail postcard accompanied the stream of
intentionally drafted messaging.

That messaging strategy aimed at raising brand awareness by answering questions like,
Who is Anchor Harvey? and How can companies save significant time and money by using
Anchor Harvey?

More directly, the campaign theme answered the most critical question: Why forge first?

For Anchor Harvey, the Machine Shop campaign also answered an internal question: How can we leverage marketing technology to nurture new leads as they enter the sales funnel?

Beyond increasing the number and frequency of new machine shop leads, Anchor Harvey was able to more efficiently and effectively nurture its existing machine shop leads with an automated and customized email sequence for the first time.

The Highlights

Anchor Harvey continues to receive numerous RFQs and form fill-outs from companies in the Machine Shop segment each month. By utilizing their IP identification tools, we have been able to track many of these back to the campaign.

Since the campaign began, it has generated over 1,000 landing page views with a 0:55 average time spent on page.

The digital advertising component of the campaign produced over 34,000 impressions and over 130 ad clicks.

Emails have earned a 13% open rate, while organic social media has created more than 1,800 impressions, 98 clicks, and a 5.3% engagement rate. To date, 16 recipients have scanned the postcard QR code, bringing them to the landing page.

Bill Skowronski

Content Director

Meet The Author

I’m a staunch defender of intentional strategy, return on improvement and outcomes over outputs as a model for better marketing, rather than more of the same. As a former journalist and a student of Philosophy, I’m a question asker and a deep thinker. That’s why I know what content moves people from awareness to action—and I’m not afraid to use it.

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