Women Leaders in Manufacturing
Gather for Networking & Support

By rc

Monday, October 31, 2022

Our Red Caffeine team recently joined a diverse group of inspired leaders in Atlanta, GA for the Women in Manufacturing SUMMIT 2022. Neuroscience expert, Kathryn Bardi, delivered a brilliant opening keynote lecture on exclusion, inclusion, and the social impact on women in the team dynamic. 

Conversations at our fortune-teller themed booth ranged from industry triumphs to personal and professional challenges related to growth. Red Caffeine growth consultants, Max Maxwell and Dayna Walters were on hand to share their insights with attendees interested in attracting the right customers, retaining their best employees, and optimizing their technology platforms to support both.

Over 200 attendees also enjoyed a captivating session with Red Caffeine Chief Strategy Officer, Janet Viane. She shared how to Build Your Network in the Simplest Way Possible to a packed house of industry leaders.

As a woman-owned business, it’s incredibly important for us to acknowledge and support the challenges women face in manufacturing as well as other industries. In its recent Women in the Workplace report, McKinsey & Company called the unprecedented numbers of women leaving their companies, “The Great Breakup.” From the article, we wanted to share the following insight. “Having a manager who cares about their well-being is one of the top three factors women consider when deciding whether to join or stay with a company.”

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