Updating Your Digital Front Door

By Lisa Behning

Friday, May 28, 2021

It’s often said that your company’s website presence is the “digital front door” to your company, and that front door can leave quite the impression. Did you know that 88% of online consumers will not return to a website following a bad experience? (source)

When Lexco Cable Manufacturing started to consider building a new website in 2019, the stakes were incredibly high. Not only was Lexco’s website informational, but it was also the primary source of Request For Quotes (RFQs) from organic and paid traffic. A poor visitor experience would directly affect Lexco’s sales. Preserving the website’s content, domain authority, and overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) values while allowing easy and quick ways to submit a quote were top priorities. 

The vision was to create a powerful integrated tool that acted as a 24-hour digital sales representative and brand ambassador for the Lexco Team. The site would also serve as the foundation for the future digital transformation and automation of Lexco’s business operations with CRM and ERP integrations. 

User experience and design aesthetics led the list of expectations on the rebuild. Additional features of the site focused on supporting Lexco and their customers:

  • Mobile-first approach includes intuitive navigation
  • content strategy that appeals to each buyer type visiting the website  
  • Product Configurator allows users to customize wire rope assemblies for a quote with coordinating visuals of the end product
  • The Image Gallery enables viewers to see various wire rope, cable, bungee assemblies
  • SEO domain authority preservation and strategy for 9,000+ pages across multiple domains and 700+ images
  • Integrations with ThomasNet’s Catalog Navigator and Chatfield Globals’ Careers Portal
  • Content management platforms allow Lexco to add new products efficiently and quickly update the content themselves

The project was a true collaboration. The plan and timeline of a site rebuild of this magnitude were intentional. It allowed Lexco’s team to continue running day-to-day operations and be an integral part of the overall redesign process. Lexco Cable provides wire rope, cable, and bungee assemblies for military and defense, aerospace, and automotive markets, among many others. As the subject matter experts, much of the minute details critical to the buyer needed to come from Lexco’s team. 

With the launch of the new lexcocable.com taking place at the beginning of May, Red Caffeine is proud to see the efforts from Lexco’s team and the hundreds of hours of work from Red Caffeine come to fruition.

“After many months of hard work and dedication from our team at Lexco Cable, we are thrilled to debut our new company website to our customers and partners,” said Lexco Cable Vice President David Karbin. “This website redesign truly ties together all of our resources, products, and services, enabling us to deliver the expertise, quality, and experience that Lexco is known for offline, to all of our valued customers online.”

Congratulations to Lexco Cable on your new welcoming “front door” to your business!


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Lisa Behning

Lisa Behning

I’m a fanatic when it comes to making sure my clients feel that I’m an extension of their team because that’s how I see myself - just in a different building instead of down the hall. As I’ve worked for multi-million dollar companies as their in-house marketing leader to running my own business, I’ve walked in your shoes - from the ins and outs of working within a corporate leadership structure, creating yearly budgets and managing P&Ls, or rallying an entire company around the latest product campaign - and I know how to get you to the next step! With me, you can expect confidence, enthusiasm and honesty plus a dose of “borrowing brilliance” from all of my experiences to help elevate your overall strategy or a singular project.