Forging Company Shocks Electric Vehicles Market

By rc

Monday, January 31, 2022


Anchor Harvey is a data-driven, full-service forging company with a century-long legacy in precision manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management. They modernized the age-old aluminum forging process by introducing sophisticated technology to ensure part consistency from 1 to over 1,000,000. As a result, they are a premier forged component manufacturer for the aerospace industry, delivering consistently high quality and short lead times. 


Anchor Harvey wanted to diversify their industry focus and worked with Red Caffeine to evaluate the opportunities in emerging markets. BloombergNEF outlined that electric vehicles (EVs) will hit 10% of global passenger vehicle sales in 2025 and rise to 28% in 2030 and 58% in 2040. Currently, EVs only make up 3% of global car sales. As a result of this market forecast and additional research, Anchor Harvey wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to gain market share in electric vehicle parts manufacturing with a specific focus on automotive, aerospace, and specialty industries. By showcasing their forward-thinking approach and technological ingenuity, they intended to position the company as the go-to in forged aluminum components (lighter aluminum parts mean increased EV range) for those manufacturers creating the next generation of transportation. 



The RC Solution: Launch the Anchor Harvey
Electric Vehicle Workgroup

We recommended a comprehensive marketing push into the EV space. Our positioning centered on the benefits Anchor Harvey can deliver for EV manufacturers like an entirely domestic supply chain, value-add service partner network, relevant experience in targeted industries. 

Red Caffeine also made it personal with a highly automated, account-based marketing campaign targeting the 10 top prospect companies, including VW, Tesla, John Deere, Collins Aerospace, and Zero Motorcycles. The ABM campaign included emails, LinkedIn InMails, dimensional direct mail, and sales calls, all pointing to tailored landing pages promoting the immediate benefits AH can deliver for the target company.

  • Launched branded EV Workgroup
  • Comprehensive marketing and awareness campaigns
  • Personalized, automated, targeted ABM campaign
  • PR push in magazines, interviews, trade publications, podcasts, TV news


Measurable Outcomes

  • Record Sales in 2021
  • 76 New Accounts in targeted industries
  • 55% YoY increase in quotes
  • Backlogged on orders until 2023
  • 62% YoY increase in website traffic
  • 28 Earned Media Placements
    • 784,000+ Impressions
  • Industry Award - MOTOR Top 20 Winner
    • Recognition for outstanding achievements, innovations, and new developments that support the automotive industry. Award was presented at 2021 AAPEX during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

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