Employee Spotlight Q&A With Parker Lee

Monday, May 06, 2024

Q1: What’s The Most Fulfilling Aspect of Your Role at Red Caffeine?

Every day we get to create for a living—how killer is that? What really takes it to the next level is that no two days are ever the same. One day we might be concepting an advertising campaign for a brand launch, working with a client to forge a lead generation campaign, and of course, drawing stuff; lots of drawing stuff!

Q2: What Are A Few Challenges or Trends Occurring In Your Area of Expertise Right Now?

AI has become a buzzword and a villain all at once. Everyone wants to integrate artificial intelligence into their workflow, and yet you see countless articles detailing the misuse of AI on a weekly basis. That's why it's so important to have help navigating through the maze of options on the market at the moment.

Ever since I was young, I've loved making things work as efficiently as possible. Organize the LEGOs before you build, always update your software, etc. That's what's drawn me to artificial intelligence, algorithms, and language models...

At Red Caffeine, we work with a multitude of CRMs, CMSs, and other Marketing Automations. Our work requires us to dig in and talk through these things with our clients as subject matter experts rather than giving in to the next hot trend. I want us to sift through the AI hype and squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of the new tools that are arising in the new age of AI so we can help our creative work shine even more, and our customers can reach record ROIs.

Q3: What Projects or Accomplishments Come to Mind When You Think Back on Your Time at Red Caffeine?

My very first client has also been my longest-tenured client and one I'm glad to still be working with to this day. In the years we've spent together, watching the transformations this client has gone through has been like watching my kid grow up. I'm so proud of how far they've come and deeply invested in how far we are going to take them.

At Red Caffeine, one of our core beliefs is that "we are intentional in our relationships," and we will always treat our clients like family.

Q4: What’s Your Favorite Way to Collaborate with Other Red Caffeine Team Members?

We're not a traditional agency; we're a growth consultancy. We don't just help companies with one challenge; we have stacked services that work together, which allows us to serve the whole company at once. This means that I get to work hand-in-hand with quite literally all of my team members every day.

Whether I need to make on-the-fly edits with our content team or consult with our SEO team on how to structure a site map, we're all collaborating in tandem like a neurological system, each of us picking up where the other left off.

You can also expect my dog Luna to pop up and offer some wisdom on a Zoom call from time to time.

Q5: Outside of Work, What’s One Passion or Hobby That Energizes You?

I'm a collector of trading cards, LEGO, and currency. There's something relaxing about everything having its place in a set. Filling a binder to complete a master set or the thrill of ripping open a pack and hitting a 1/1 card with an autograph of your favorite player in holographic chaos is very rewarding.

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