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Organic growth is a strategy that lets a business grow using resources that it already has. It's a slow process, but it's a great growth strategy as it allows for more controlled expansion and requires less liquid capital. Another benefit of organic growth is that you focus more on improving your products/services to ensure they're the best offer possible; this is in addition to offering exceptional customer experience. To succeed with organic growth, you may want to consider a sales strategy that uses the first 90 days after signing a new customer to extend the sales opportunity. It is a time when customers may be more willing to buy more or try new offers within the initial "honeymoon" period. To be successful with this tactic, you have to have a client onboarding experience that is stellar. Although organic growth may not require a ton of capital, it requires a thoughtful plan and execution.

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You know what got you here won't get you there. Take a few minutes to think about where your business is today and where you want it to be. With these benchmarks, we can show you how a Grow-To-Market™ plan would look for your unique business, marketing and workforce challenges.

Select the top growth strategy you would like to pursue during the next three years.

There are several strategies you can invest in based on your overall growth rate expectations.

How would you describe your sales growth over the last fiscal year?

Before strategically planning your growth, you need to sense check where you are today.

What's your realistic growth rate over the next three years?

The objective is to aim high but be realistic.

What phrase best describes your team's readiness to grow the business?

How ready is your team to meet your growth strategy requirements?

How would you evaluate your internal processes?

Well designed, documented, and often automated, processes can drive the success of a growth plan.

How would you describe your toolbox?

The best teams still need the right tools ( For example, training tools, sales materials and websites ) if growth is going to be in the cards.

How does your tech stack measure up?

When it comes to driving a growth strategy, the use of technology must be part of the equation if you want to stay relevant and remain competitive.

How well can you articulate the key differentiator for your business?

Regardless of which growth lanes you choose, articulating your brand story led by your key differentiator is a must.

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