A Look Back At Our Best Work

By rc

Thursday, December 22, 2022

At Red Caffeine, we’re reflecting on the work we’ve done and the impact it’s had on our clients (as well as our own agency) over the past year. We asked a handful of our coworkers which work made them most proud in 2022.
Here’s what they had to say:

Aisha Mock
Human Resources Manager

I’m really proud of the work our team did to support our local community’s people in need by donating food and essential items to PADS this year. It’s one way we give back and pay it forward.

Amy Anderson
VP, Client Services

Red Caffeine’s 2022 Net Promoter Score was 75, which is amazing! Our team is getting bigger and better across the board, so I can’t wait to see what we do in 2023.

Bill Skowronski
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

We’ve done a great job internally of leveling up our strategic approach to content and its role within a company’s marketing and sales. It’s made us and our clients better as a result.

April Smith-Miller
Integrated Marketing Manager

We found a creative solution to one client’s lead generation challenges. By researching hiring data and using our proprietary software, we were able to design an effective campaign for the automotive, aerospace, and defense sectors.

Carrie Ceresa
Sr. Art Director

It’s been a pleasure to work with a great group of people preparing to celebrate our client’s 50th anniversary. I’m excited to see how it comes alive in 2023!

Christiana Henry
Account Director

I’m proud of the work we’ve done to strategically evolve and modernize one company’s brand while also deepening our relationship through the process.  

Courtney Cebula
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

We increased social media engagement for one client by double digits year over year by shifting their content focus from sales to value for their audience.

Dayna Kramer
Business Development Manager

I was invited to become part of the Women in Manufacturing IL Chapter Leadership Team. It felt good to be noticed for how passionate I am about manufacturing and empowering women.

Janet Viane
Chief Strategy Officer

We’ve done some pretty incredible employer branding work for a handful of clients. Those opportunities also opened the doors to help those companies develop operational excellence across the organization.

Kris Meadows
Account Manager

I’m very fortunate to work with such a talented team and a number of clients with big goals. The work we’ve done together has been fabulous.

Kathy Steele
Chief Executive Officer

I’m proud of the new hires we’ve brought into our company and our commitment to walking away from clients that just aren’t the right fit for us. Both have significantly impacted our company culture.

Matt Krese
Assistant Account Manager

I had an opportunity to really own an Account Based Marketing program for one of our clients, which pushed me in my own professional development. 

Parker Lee
Art Director

Our Business as ‘Un’usual webinars have become our most recognized content. By moving to streaming, we’ve been able to expand the reach.

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