Anchor Harvey

100-Year Old Brand Elevated to New Heights

Masters of Their Craft

After 100 years of precision aluminum forging, Anchor Harvey realized what got them here won't get them where they desire to be. Anchor Harvey made a new commitment to growth, requiring branding, technology, marketing, sales, and employee experience. Red Caffeine partnered with Anchor Harvey to identify the most significant opportunities for quick-win growth as well as long-tail strategies to help them differentiate, diversify, and penetrate new markets. After completing market research and building a Grow-to-Market® Plan, we were able to execute the new brand foundation simultaneously with multiple campaigns to generate leads quickly. Focusing first on industries where Anchor Harvey has historic success allowed us time to lay the groundwork for taking off in a new market. 

Forging a New Identity

With a century-long reputation and a brand identity needing a refresh, it was time for an upgrade. Anchor Harvey desired to modernize their look, sharpen their focus, and improve their presence through a multitude of channels including print, web, and marketing. The logo, as the face of the brand, needed to be attractive without losing any clout that the legacy design had earned. Stakeholder interviews and online research uncovered the deep connection consumers had with what they called the "splintered A". The A symbol in the original logo was associated with quality and even sought out by collectors on many forged final applications. The newly designed logo gives a nod to the celebrated "Splintered A" and introduces the "Golden Circle" which is representative of the closed-die forging process that has earned Anchor Harvey their reputation.

Before and After

New Website Launch

More than a brand refresh, Anchor Harvey needed a digital overhaul. Research proved that the old website was merely a vanity page. While it looked beautiful, it was not providing necessary information that the customers desired and missed major components to support Anchor Harvey's business goals -- including a Careers page for hiring, a resource library, even clearly communicating what services Anchor Harvey offers. In close collaboration, the Anchor Harvey team and Red Caffeine were able to build an interactive tool, answering the most common customer questions, while acting as a 24/7 sales representative, and a newly transformed brand ambassador. Custom tools such as the Forge Calculator even give prospective customers an interactive experience to self-qualify their part within the Anchor Harvey process. Lastly, we built dedicated landing pages per each of the industries they serve to support marketing campaigns targeted at specific industries.

Time for a Launch Party

Red Caffeine developed a tiered marketing plan to launch the brand to the Anchor Harvey team, to their customers, and into new markets.

A Few Fast Wins:

• In the first month, the new website generated 28.57% more leads than the historic average

• New tools and resources to support the Anchor Harvey sales team

• Exceeding the most web traffic in a single day

• 10% growth in LinkedIn followers


Quick Hit - Targeted Lead Generation Campaign

Anchor Harvey is a visionary brand that keeps an eye on the future without losing focus on the present opportunities. Their ability to multi-manage meant Red Caffeine was able to support their team with a short-term lead generation strategy while preparing for their ultimate desire - to take off in the aerospace market!

Forge for Performance - Aftermarket Automotive Lead Generation Campaign
In conversations with the Anchor Harvey sales team and after a look at the historic data, we determined that a 3-month aftermarket automotive campaign was the ideal opportunity for some quick-hit leads. Anchor Harvey already had a strong reputation and success stories in this industry and a semi-warm network to build upon. We launched Anchor Harvey's first integrated marketing campaign (including list building, direct mail, LinkedIn advertising, organic social media, Google AdWords, email, landing page development, and event attendance).

Forge for Liftoff - Aerospace New Market Penetration Campaign
Aerospace is not new to Anchor Harvey. But their commitment to making an impact on the aerospace market has a renewed and rigorous focus. Anchor Harvey has decades of experience forging non-flight critical parts for aerospace manufacturers and is charging up for the next level of support they can provide once they secure the AS9100 certification. 

What Makes Us Excited:

• Anchor Harvey will secure their AS9100 certification in early 2020

• In every month of 2020 Anchor Harvey will be attending a significant Aerospace event

• We have strategies developed to target local and national Aerospace manufacturers

• THERE IS A NEED FOR AEROSPACE FORGERS, and we are so excited to support Anchor Harvey on their journey to be the market solution