Question #1

What’s the Most Fulfilling Aspect
Of Your Role at Red Caffeine?

Hands down it’s developing meaningful relationships with our clients and having an impact on their business. I firmly believe in providing an Exceptional Client Experience at every turn, and want clients to feel that the time spent with Red Caffeine is the best part of their day. We are in a unique position as our model demands a comprehensive and holistic view of our client’s business, so we’re consulting and supporting them in many areas–it drives deep knowledge of their business and deep respect for their people and organization. Whether we’re supporting a larger enterprise marketing team or acting as an outside, fractional marketing department, our ideas and recommendations provide impact.

Question #2

What Are a Few Trends Occurring in
Your Area of Expertise Right Now?

Client Services is all about developing meaningful relationships and helping move a client’s business forward. Our goals are always to exceed client expectations, anticipate their needs, and provide services that drive results. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and data measurement remain as top needs in our industry.

Question #3

What Projects or Accomplishments
Come to Mind When You Think Back
On Your Time at Red Caffeine?

I’ve been here for 7 ½ years so I have a lot to choose from! Client-wise I have loved helping re-launch brands into the market with a fresh positioning and brand narrative, design and Grow-To-Market strategy, and RC-wise I loved establishing our annual client satisfaction survey. We’ve been doing it for 6 years now and I am incredibly proud of our NPS (Net Promoter Score–how likely clients are to recommend working with Red Caffeine). We have the best clients and I always love hearing their feedback–we learn something new every year.

Question #4

What’s Your Favorite Way to Collaborate With
Other Red Caffeine Team Members?

I pick up the phone or Zoom! So much can be lost in translation via slack or email, and there’s no replacement for hearing someone’s voice and talking something through. Live brainstorming and hack-sessions with multiple team members always produce great results.

Question #5

Outside of Work, What’s One Passion
Or Hobby That Energizes You?

I’ve turned into a SPIN junkie!!! Cycling never used to be on my list of exercises I enjoyed, but my knees love me for it. The place where I spin touts themselves as ‘part sanctuary, part rock concert’, and it’s 100% true. The lights go down, the music goes up and I just lose myself in the beat. For those 45 minutes it’s just me and the bike and the stress melts away. When I’m done I feel like I can take on the world (or at least that night’s kid carpool).

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