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By Kathy Steele

Friday, July 30, 2021

Bales Metal Surface Solutions, a leading provider of metal coatings and finishes, worked with us to launch the next generation of its website. It features new digital tools designed to help improve their customer's and prospect's buying experience.

In response to the growing demand for online customer service channels, we developed these features to meet the shifting buying preferences accelerated by the pandemic. In addition, the free digital tools serve to extend Bales' finishing expertise and solution-oriented customer service.

The digital features include:

Coatings Comparison Tool 

Often, finishing can be an afterthought in the manufacturing process for parts or products. However a part’s finish provides protection and can enhance and optimize machine production performance. Providing a software that can streamline the ways that manufacturers, mold makers and finishers work together on selecting the right coating can save time and increase profit in the long run. 

Think good, better, best the Coatings Comparison Tool is an interactive resource that gives visitors side-by-side comparisons of Bales' surface coatings. Its intent is to make it easier for engineers and facility managers to determine the best surface treatment early on in the component production process or to troubleshoot issues that could result in downtime. 

The tool compares up to three coatings for multiple performance factors, helping customers ideate the right coating options for their specific needs.

Bales Mold Doctor

Unplanned downtime is costly, with some manufacturers at risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. With same-day appointments available, the Bales Mold Doctor eliminates the need for an in-person meeting, making the troubleshooting process faster, safer, and more efficient. 

Like telemedicine, the Mold Doctor connects the Bales' surface experts with customers through video conferencing. Customers can quickly view and book appointment times on the website, then take the Bales Mold Doctor onto their shop floor through a virtual diagnostics call to troubleshoot a specific tooling issue.

Preventative Maintenance Video Series

Planned downtime can be scheduled, budgeted, and, therefore, much more predictable. The Preventative Maintenance Video Series teaches manufacturers how to prevent corrosion and wear on their equipment through regular and routine maintenance, a true value add with direct impact to their customer's bottom line. The video series is hosted by Bales' in-house finishing experts who have decades of industry experience. 

Streamlined Request for Quote 

Supply-chain issues, raw material shortages, and resource challenges are ever-increasing issues faced by the manufacturing community. Getting accurate project details to turn around a quote quickly is one step that can improve lead times and reduce the downtime of mission-critical machines. Streamlining the quoting process ensures that the Bales team is getting the information they need to respond promptly and accurately to customer requests. Long term this will result in improving delivery timelines and production planning.    

While face-to-face will not be eliminated from their customer interactions, Bales willingness to evolve and invest in a digital transformation of customer service and sales will keep them prepped for the future.


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Kathy Steele

Kathy Steele


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