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Patti Minglin

Brand and Content Specialist

I’m a powerhouse storyteller.  Whether it is in print or online, I have the ability to help both people and brands discover their stories and share those stories with others in a way that truly resonates.  My core belief is that everyone has a story…EVERYONE.  It is my job—and it is my absolute passion—to elevate the voices of others, bringing their stories to life in a way that truly communicates who they are, what they do and how they help people.

Super Powers

Weaver of Good Tales

Industry Experience

Legal, CPG, Media, Marketing Services, Non-Profit, B2B

Street Cred


I am a lover of words and will often be reading two or three books at one time, continually quoting from my daily conversations-- which my friends may or may not think is one of my most endearing qualities. I have been told that I instantly make people feel comfortable and can be counted on to add humor to every and all situations—two facts that my three children would probably dispute as they don’t always find me comforting nor funny. I have spent my entire life in the Midwest, with the last 20 being spent in Chicagoland where I continue to be emotionally attached to sports teams that fail to have consecutive seasons of success. It builds character…at least that’s what I tell my children.

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