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Anne Spencer

Anne Spencer

Account Strategist/Manager

Why I'm a BADASS
Many people have described me as an Account Ninja.  I am a mix of half strategist and half Client Services, allowing me to take a client account and build a vision, a direction, a process and a goal so that we're all headed in the same efficient and effective direction.  I love to solve client problems and work with fantastic creative teams to come up with ideas that move the needle. I have led agency teams and my clients to success across many iconic brands including McDonald's, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Wrigley, MillerCoors, Barilla, Guinness, Shell Oil and many others.  As a jack of all trades, I have many tools in my belt including Integrated Marketing, Shopper Marketing, Digital Marketing, Experiential, Advertising, Cause Marketing, Acquisition Marketing, Influencer Marketing and more.  I have worked on both the Account and the Client sides of the business and understand how to navigate the politics to get an idea into market.  They say "Chaos is the first step in the Creative Process" and I'm here for it!

Street Cred

  • 20+ years in Client Services
  • B2B/B2C
  • Award Winning: Effies, Reggies, Cannes Lion, One Show, etc!
  • Client and Agency side experience

Super Powers
Energizer Bunny & Creative Whisperer

Industry Experience
Consumer Product Goods, Beverage, Travel, Manufacturing, Employer Branding, Inbound/Outbound Marketing, Lead Acquisition, Experiential, Digital

I enjoy cooking, yoga, a good glass of wine and spending time outside. I am also the Executive Admin Assistant and Hospitality Director for my three busy children, Sophia (17), Charlie (15) and Tully (12). I spend most of my weekends at a High School track or in a hockey rink across many states and countries. And I fear the day that my house will be quiet.