Kacey Keegan

Kacey Keegan


Strategist, Kacey Keegan, works a hybrid role which gives her a heavy hand in all stages of the client relationship. She leads projects in early-stage strategic research, brand story development, market positioning, marketing recommendations, and ongoing strategic communications. With the understanding of your business goals, Kacey can help tell your business story in a way that matters to your customers.


Kacey’s first job was at the award-winning restaurant Nick’s Pizza and Pub which, like Red Caffeine, is a member of the culture-based organization the Small Giants Community. After studying Advertising with a focus on Writing for Public Relations at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Kacey knew she wanted to work for another culture-based organization and was drawn to Red Caffeine’s Mission, Purpose, and Vision. She joined our team in the Fall of 2014.


Since then, she has entangled herself in many areas of the company. Kacey has executed twelve key findings and insights projects, developed the brand story and messaging for nine brands, re-architected the service sets of three businesses, and has grown a social presence for many clients.

During her morning commute from Chicago to Lombard, Kacey enjoys listening to a few of her favorite podcasts, including NPR’s morning news show, “Up First,” as well as a wide variety of true crime podcasts. Most weekends, you can find Kacey exploring Chicago, hanging out with friends and family, or spending time in the great outdoors.

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