How a Training Company Expanded Membership with a New Premium Offering


Increase in
Membership Registrations

Sold Out
in 4 Weeks


Goal Exceeded

Launching a Product Offering that
Would Increase Membership

The Strategy for Building a New Offering Results in
Record Setting Membership Registrations

Molis Coaching is an online learning platform dedicated to accelerating growth in dental practices through a revenue opportunity previously reserved for orthodontists. They encountered a pivotal challenge in their growth strategy. Since launching in 2017, the platform has made significant strides in educating dentists on Invisalign products and procedures. The introduction of the Paced Program—a premium, 12-week immersive course with limited enrollment—represented a critical growth juncture. The challenge lay in attracting a discerning audience to this high-value offering while continuing to engage the existing member base.


Creating a Premium Membership Offering
Jeopardizing Current Userbase

Molis Coaching faced the complex challenge of successfully launching its premium offering without diminishing the value or engagement of its current customer base enrolled in the Essentials Program. The introduction of this 12-week, high-value, immersive course necessitated a delicate balance; it was crucial to attract a new audience eager for an advanced learning experience while ensuring that existing members still felt valued and continued to see substantial benefits in their ongoing programs. This strategic endeavor required not only a clear differentiation of the new offering but also a reassurance to the Essentials program members that their chosen path remained integral to Molis Coaching’s mission of providing top-tier dental practice education.

The RC Solution

A Grow-to-Market™ Plan Focused on
Member Acquisition and Retention

To navigate this challenge and expand its membership, Molis Coaching worked with Red Caffeine to develop and deploy a holistic and dynamic campaign strategy aimed at driving enrollment. The foundation of this strategy was a campaign to generate anticipation and demand for the Paced Program. Recognizing the unique needs and preferences of dental professionals, this premium, subscription-based offering was designed to deliver an unparalleled user experience. The campaign utilized a multi-channel approach, leveraging compelling pitch decks for sales calls to underscore the program’s value proposition. A blend of digital and social marketing tactics was strategically deployed to widen audience reach and stimulate interest. Moreover, the introduction of a modernized user interface (UI) streamlined the conversion process, significantly amplifying the campaign’s impact.


  • Strategic Plan and Grow-to-Market™ Strategy: A comprehensive strategy was crafted to build anticipation for the Paced program.
  • Market Research and Media Planning: In-depth research and strategic media placements targeted potential new members.
  • Brand Development/Architecture: The campaign was designed around a strong brand message that emphasized the value of the new Paced program.
  • Campaign Development: Dedicated efforts for new member acquisition and retention were deployed, alongside content marketing and online lead generation.
  • Experiential Marketing & Website User Experience: A modernized UI and experiential marketing tool in the sales process enhanced the enrollment experience.
  • Marketing Automation, Social, SEO & Data Analytics: These tools were used to optimize reach, engagement, and conversion rates.

Record Setting Campaign Sets
the Stage for Future Expansion

Molis Coaching’s Blueprint for Growth

The launch of Molis Coaching’s Paced Program led to exceptional outcomes, marking a significant milestone in the company’s growth strategy. A 59% increase in membership registrations and a sold-out attendance in the program within an astonishing four weeks are testaments to the effectiveness of the strategies employed. The overwhelming success of this campaign enabled Molis Coaching to surpass its annual membership targets at an impressive rate. This case study not only emphasizes the impact of strategic planning, intentional marketing efforts, and a focus on improving user experience, but also provides a valuable framework for expanding program offerings in the long run. Molis Coaching has not only strengthened its membership base but has also solidified its competitive edge, paving the way for sustained growth and expansion in the ever-evolving online learning landscape.

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We help companies solve real world challenges and pursue growth opportunities. This is what it looks like.

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